1. we’re gonna revisit this cause i feel most of yall weren’t following me when i posted this !


  2. this is my fave band tbh. i hope the 90s aesthetic trend never dies

    agreed! idk about you but i was born in 1994 so a lot of my childhood media intake was the 00’s but the 1990s was just 10x better than what i expierienced.


  3. irish people freak me out…


  4. i know that the whole 90s aesthetic trend is nearing it’s end but like..,

    this video is just giving me good vibes and i feel like i could buy a baby blue gap sweatshirt and everything would be ok?


  5. virginiacreeper:

    wish this came out in june so i had all summer to shake my ass to it


  6. pluraljoan:

    i think taureans are probably the most slept on because even just as a personality type, we are a bit slow and quiet, and even though we can have extremely rare and powerful attributes, we tend to stay behind the scenes. People don’t necessarily take notice of our powers because we tend not to…

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  7. i love scorpios but they freak me the fuck out like they live such unhealthy lives. socially like they will surround themselves w/ people who are so bad for them and they don’t take care of themselves jesus christ!


  8. virginiacreeper:

    so what?


  9. i look like a cartoon with this half moustache?





  12. septohtrois said: omg can we talk about the knife breaking up. very distraught.

    it’s just too much to even like conceive at this point in time. i was like okay all day cause i thought they release a nice collection of music and a good amount, and they ended on a really high note. but then i realized it was on my list of things to do to see them live and i could’ve seen them a few months ago when they we’re in new york! ugh anyways but i feel you let’s mourn together. xx


  13. harinef replied to your video:so what?
    knocked my bowl to the floor

    it has that effect!


  14. so what?


  15. virginiacreeper:

    exactly midnight.
    this is my 2000th
    post. i’m listening
    to the knife. going
    to look up russian
    guy names for my
    alter ego. and when
    my mom goes to
    bed, i’m going to
    smear black pen
    all over my face.

    13th of july 2010 
    love of the knife really started on this night