1. teacakes replied to your post:omg new trecartin being shown in berlin but i want…

    cryinh!!!!!!!!! TELL ME MORE

    i wish i could tell you more! but all my knowledge is from searching instagram through hastags/”pictures of” ryan trecartin. he also speaks about it a little in his feature in new yorker mag back in march. he was inspired by when blair witch came out in 1999 and started using night vision (which we see a lot in center jenny, etc) but the latest films incorporate drones and a zombie theme? i’m guessing if there’s any clear signs on what it’s suppose to look like i’d use this as a reference.



  3. omg new trecartin being shown in berlin but i want his new blair witch/zombie movies out before halloween that’d be everything!


  4. still miss this band all the time and remember when i was 16 i had this record on vinyl and would play it quietly to not freak out my family


  5. SHOWstudio Panel Discussion: J.W. Anderson S/S 2015


  6. fileformat:


    this is so insane what app is this?

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  7. halloween outfit idea: margiela tabi boots, black skinnies, raw pumpkin on head


  8. personal best tweets


  9. harinef:

    le yves klein


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  10. during october you catch her around the local cemetery drinking a pumpkin spice latté 


  11. get me out of here

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  12. was just on my phone w/ my mom and she said something along the lines of “well you could get a job there but it might be too girly for you” and i told her i had to go, hung up, and sent her a 600 word essay on why she needs to abolish her gender policing ways omfg i need a job or something!


  13. should i???


  14. gosha rubchinskiy
    patchwork faux-fur coat

    a beautiful comfy luxury item!

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  15. can we bring yesterday back around?