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    im the girl in the car

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  3. largecoin:

    i think we should support our peers more



  4. my url is so fucking gothy sounding i am first and foremost not a goth


  5. this song is so good


  6. also bought this dress for myself


  7. prepping fw14 looks: comfy raver boy


    1. friend: *scrolls through my ipod* omg you like mykki blanco!?
    2. me:
    3. friend: wait? you have every song but they're all instrumental?
    4. me: *sips chamomile tea*

  8. my favorite song from iggy azalea is “my world” instrumental because the beat goes hard and iggy’s nowhere 2 be found in it


  9. ever since i started working at dash soho, people have been asking me what kim, kourtney, and khloe are like in real life


  10. i wanna do something crazy to my looks tonight like cut my hair or try out some makeup


  11. omfg @ 1:09 to 1:20



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  14. marina krtinic

    the coolest face

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