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    josh reim fw 14

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  2. telfar’s giving me the responsibility of scouting locations for his next show my whole life has lived up to this point im going to channel jeff lewis from flipping out


  3. really me in drag 

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  4. so visually + aesthetically pleasing 


  5. u know this person was waiting for the moment she got kicked off to create this lmao

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  6. fileformat:

    **wears a black turtleneck with a beret and drinks a martini at the local high school art show**


  7. teacakes:

    i’m crying right now because of this post and now SHITHEAD 


    its back for good this time

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  9. woah just went through my archive and found this photo of when my best friend rainey and i got high and we went outside in her front yard. i was distracted and the next thing i knew she was naked crawling around the yard lmao and her bandage around her ankle A+

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    andrea giacobbe, new york (1994)

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  11. me when it me


  12. *Smokes weed with friends*


    Friend: Woah I’m so stoned. Got hella munchies… What do you have to eat?



  13. i can’t wait for summer in bushwick im gonna wear my $4 sport sandals from chinatown to the grocery store to buy 10 bags of salad and just eat different variations of gourmet salads everyday all day with like 2 gallons of water


  14. what’s that website where you can download songs from streamcloud???


  15. moonratus:

    Comma Boat, 2013 (1 Screen)