1. any hawt recommendations on netflix??



  3. virginiacreeper:

    ok it would be so fun to renact this w/  a friend

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  5. spitandtears:

    feelin myself 2nite

    shes beautiful !!!


  6. tibets:

    white ppl have so many aesthetics to choose from without appropriating

    • the adidas russia aesthetic
    • aloe vera plant and nike
    • big ass easter bunny costume
    • west virginia soybean farm
    • florida mom
    • wet grass clippings
    • wear a cute lil wig

    wear a cute lil wig

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  8. fuck em other lames let me show u the game


  9. c-opa:

    the best people

    literally i have dressed like chandler and phoebe in this photo for the past year

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  11. united colors of benetton s/s 1992

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  12. intheshadowplay:

    Matias Faldbakken, Untitled / Locker Sculpture #2, 2011.

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  13. we’re going to ibiza


  14. untitled-1991:

    josh reim fw 14

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  15. telfar’s giving me the responsibility of scouting locations for his next show my whole life has lived up to this point im going to channel jeff lewis from flipping out