1. phase 1 complete


  2. I’m Not Too Shy To Say I Love You, I Got No Regrets (2014)


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  4. this is literally what the next ryan trecartin movie is gonna look like


  5. smokindick found it his name is brandon bowen !!


  6. aminaabramovic:

    crystal meth is always wrong in every circumstance like there is never a right time to do meth it’s not casual and it’s not an ice breaker to get the party started 

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  7. smokindick said: What is his vine name?

    oooh idk i’ll message you the next time a vine of his pops up!


  8. rememember a week ago when i said this kid was out of control well it still holds true and he’s my favorite viner


  9. littleraebird replied to your post:omg my friend david has a 200 seconds snapchat…

    I live in wicker we must connect

    i’m coming for halloween we should!



  11. also this i hadn’t showered in like 5 days omg i was a mess my friend and i were trying our best to scare off tourists 

    august 2010 - 16 y.o.


  12. august 2010 i was 16 years old and sneaking out to my backyard to indulge in a ciggarette was a nightly ritual. i had spent the last month on several vacations around the coast of washington state (both beach vacations and a camping trip). i’d never seen my skin look so tan until i looked at my left hand holding the ciggarette. this night was especially different because of how vibrant the stars were, in the second photograph you can clearly see the big dipper. 2010 was an amazing year full of experimenting with drugs and lots of late nights. i’d smoked weed for the first time, did shrooms for the first time, bought ecstasy (but never took it), got my drivers liscense, got my first job, was always at some high school party, i really thought i lived in some type of virgin suicides esque movie


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    an oldie but goodie because doggy

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    kim jones fw 2007


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    *holds up a brick*

    dead lmao